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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Armed Citizens

If you have read my blog you will take note that I served in the US Marines and that I enjoy hunting, camping and shooting guns. So I thought what not a better posting today, than on guns.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney
I was reading today an article about how three teens assault a 65 year old man, only to have one teen shot dead, one in surgery and the other in custody, all because the elderly man was carrying a pistol (legaly) and defended himself while he was being attacked.

I live in California and the chance of me getting a permit to carry a weapon are slim to never in my life happening, due to the fact that it is the discretion of the local Sheriff Department and I don't contribute any money to him for his campaign.
California recently again made my life harder by changing the laws on Conceal Carry Weapon (CCW) permits.  Many years ago I went and applied for a CCW permit at our local Sheriff''s department and was denied because I did not have "Good Cause" and when I asked what "Good Cause" was, I was met with the look of a deer in the head lights.

Being a NRA member and reading the monthly magazine about "Armed Citizens", I am pleased with knowing other average citizens get to exercise their rights to protect themselves, plus its always fun to read about a would be criminal getting shot dead...I prefer them dead so we don't have to waste space in our jails and money paying for a trial and their lawyers.

So until California wakes up and allows its citizens to exercise their rights to "Open Carry" or "Conceal Carry" I will have to find other means to protect myself in case one day it happens, because we know the our Police cannot be everyplace.

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