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Monday, January 23, 2012

Follow Up on Hy-Gain AV-640 Antenna

So Monday came and went, we called Hy-Gain to get assistance with the antenna now working on 40M.  They explained it was more than likely a cold solder joint on the 40M coil.

We took down the antenna and checked the 40M coil and it was in good shape and we called Hy-Gain back.  Now they are going to ship out a new 40M top for the antenna.

We used this antenna during the North American QSO Party this past weekend and we were not too pleased. As others have previously reported, this antenna has issues with rain and boy does it.  Not only did we have a broken 40M section of the antenna, but the rain knocked out the 20M section as well.

But once the rain stopped, something magical happened...both 20M and 40M worked like magic, plus we were able to tune up to 80M and use it as well.

So when the antenna works and it is not raining, this antenna delivers a solid performance, but since we have issues with rain and 40M not working at times, we suggest others look another antenna.  It saddens me that the rain issues has been reported by so many users, that one would think Hy-Gain would do something about it...guess no.


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