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Friday, January 13, 2012

How Did I Get Here

So many thoughts and ideas floating around here, one has to wonder what to write about and decide if anyone cares...but then this is a blog, so who cares :).

When I has 17 I knew that I would not be graduating from high school, apparently too much fun and not enough study.  So I decided then to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.  This was the best decision of my life and I hope that one day everyone has that same opportunity to join up and be part of something bigger than yourself, plus you get to travel the world and help a lot of other countries, sample their fine food and booze, and women all on the US tax payers dime.  After all back then I made about $800.00 a month gross.
Captured mines from Operation Earnest Will September 1987

I spent 5.5 years with the Marines and 364 days deployed over seas on two trips to the Med.  In 1987 I was part of the fleet that first entered the the Persian Gulf to start Operation Earnest Will, the escorting of Kuwaiti Oil Tankers under the US Flag and protect them from Iran (the evil doer's).

The night of Sept 21st, 1987 the fleet attacked an Iranian boat that was dropping mines in the gulf, needless to say, we lit them up, killed a few of them and  captured the boat and took the mines.

After departing from the Marines in 1990, I soon found myself thinking about that to do, after all their was not too much of a need for a Marine with Aviation Ordnance experience on Cobra Helicopters in the civilian world.  So I decided to get educated and learn about computer programming and I attended Coleman College and received my Certificate in Computer Information Technology.

Fast forward in life past Y2K and in 2010 I became a Grandpa...impressed if I do say so myself.  So now a days I spend my time with my grandson, BBQing, Ham Radio and working my tail off at work.

So what does life bring me past the end of the world on Dec 12, 2012...that is yet to be seen, but I plan on ensuring every day is lived to the fullest and I won't let anyone stop that from happening.

Till my next blog...

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