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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Might as well get it out here. With this year showcasing our right to vote, I believe you should take the right and exercise it, but before you cast your vote I recommend you become informed about what it is you are voting for.

Many people I know tend to vote on the party they are registered with and listen to commercials or shock radio jocks telling them how to vote. For me I listen to the candidates, read my voter pamphlet and try and make a good informed decision.

So this year we get to once again choose our President, lots of people think that the President makes our laws, but from what I recall from my 70's Saturday morning cartoons and a bit high school, it is the Legislative Branch of our government that creates the laws and the President has the authority to sign them into law or veto them. So the next time you are listening to a Presidential candiate making promises about change, trust me he does not have the authority to make that change.

For me what makes a good President is someone who has had previous military experience...after all he one day might have to take the troops to war and having not previously walked in their shoes and understanding them, I don't see how he could lead. Another trait I look for in my next President, is someone who has done more with his life other than politics. Its important for them to have previously had a real job, work for a real company and experience what it is that a business must do to succceed and be profitable...after all one day he might have to do something with the US economy to make it stronger than it is today.

So for me if you have yet to figure it out, I consider myself a Republican, not on the far right. So yes I prefer Fox News, the Drudge Report and I miss both Reagan and both Bush's.

Back in 2007 I met 41 (Bush Sr) on board the USS Guadalcanal, he stopped by for a visit with his wife (no dog) as we floated off the coast of France. Then back in I think 2008 or 2009 I had the priviledge to sit and listen to his son 43 at our companies National Conference. He seemed very relaxed and a down to earth and caring person (missing him still today).

So all I do know is who ever becomes our President in 2012, I hope he does us proud.

Till the next time


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