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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hustler 4-BTV Update 3-6-2012

3-6-2012 So now that I have the ground radial system installed with 60, 32 foot radials, the antenna is not performing as expected.  So I spoke with DX Engineering they are going to check out my setup and they too agree that the antenna should be performing so much better than it is now.  One possible problem might be the band conditions, as confirmed by W6TAD and DX Engineering...these past few days have sucked.

So today I will be hooking up my old tuner (I got a new one and a AMP) and removing the new tuner and AMP (AL-811H) from the equation just to ensure I did not screw something up.

More updates as this project progresses.

Completed 4-BTV Radial System (FRONT)

Completed 4-BTV Radial System (BACK)


  1. Good morning

    I have had an interesting experience with a Diamond KV-5. Not sure if it relates to your problem, but my antenna is advertised as using no ground radials. This is fine if it's mounted within 2m of the ground, but when mounted on a pole I found that adding ground radials to the base of the antenna helped getting RF in & out a lot.
    However, and here is the difference: I had to mount at least one resonant quarter wave ground radial for each band I wanted to use. So at the moment I have 2 40m radials, 2 20m radials and 2 10m radials. And I am pretty impressed by the antenna's ability.
    The radials are part-time employed as fieldstation inverted V radials, so that is where I got them from to do 'some quick tests'. And they ended up staying right there on the vertical.

    Hope that might help you too. Just remember that when the ground radials lie on the ground they will be much shorter to be resonant than when they are in the air. Maybe you could benefit by mounting your vertical a little higher and then making an 'umbrella' of resonant wires.

    Good luck and good DX
    Jaques ZS6JV

  2. Sorry for the late reply, but you were correct. Had to add radials to match bands at 32, 16, 8 foot. Plus a good tune.